Like whirling dervishes, we live busy, noisy, multi-tasking lives. And with technological advances, smart phones, and especially social media, people today are more connected, yet ironically more disconnected than at any other time in human history. The problem is that everyone is talking, but no one is listening.

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to this fact of life. We spend more time DO-ing than BE-ing. When not working (or sleeping) our time is filled with family responsibilities, church activities, sporting events, entertainment, social obligations, music, television, and more! Notice anyone missing? God. At best, He usually only gets our “left-over-minutes”. Is it any wonder then that many of us can no longer hear “the still , small voice of God.” ? I Kings 19:9-13 If that’s the problem, then Nexus Prayer is the solution.

“As human beings we spend more time do-ing, than be-ing.”


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