Photo by Mikhail Pavstyuk | Public domain photo used and modified by permission via Unsplash. | Nexus Prayer International.


Welcome to my blog, journal, diary – call it what you will – here you will find my personal posts, musings, and experiences with Nexus Prayer.

Although I add new entries, practical tips, and suggestions for improving your Nexus Prayer practice regularly, much of the content you will find here is taken directly from my original observations and notebooks of 2015 while conducting my one year (365 consecutive days) of research, intensive study, and development of Nexus Prayer.

“We hear God best when we are still and silent.”

It is my sincerest prayer that by sharing my personal insights about Nexus Prayer with you here that you, also, will come to discover not only a deeper communion with Jesus Christ, but experience the unconditional love of God and the “peace that passes all understanding” that can be yours through the quietude of Nexus Prayer. After all, we hear God best when we are still and silent.

 “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Note: You may explore all of my journal entries in chronological order by simply scrolling through all the posts found below this one, or jump down to the footer on this page to choose from either my most recent articles, or select specific posts from the archive calendar. Like to receive new posts “hot off the press” as they are written? You may do so by subscribing to this blog.

Tired of reading? Ready to begin? Nexus Prayer can be done in as little as five minutes a day and The Steps are easy to learn. Questions? Feel free to contact me anytime!


Original Photo Credit: Books photoby Mikail Pavstyuk in Public Domain used and modified by permission via Unsplash. | Nexus Prayer International.

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