Let Go and Let God – $45

"Let Go & Let " Sterling Silver Mobius Necklace by Laurel Elliott Nexus Prayer Gift Shop

“Let Go and Let God” Sterling Silver Mobius Necklace by Laurel Elliott | Nexus Prayer Gift Shop

“Let Go and Let God”

With an inspirational inscription for those in need of strength in their daily life, “Let Go and let God” is a well known aphorism alluding to many scriptural references, including Psalm 46:10.  The inscription is engraved repeatedly around the form and interspersed with crosses. This lovely pendant is threaded through a sterling silver chain to allow for fluid movement. The mobius is the symbol for infinity because the shape has no beginning and no end, thus making the inscribed message timeless.

  • Small Sterling Silver Necklace by Laurel Elliott
  • Scriptural inscription inspired by Psalm 46:10
  • Mobius design diameter: 7/8 inches
  • Chain length: 18″
  • $45.00

    The mobius is a signature shape for Laurel Elliott, who was one of the first jewelers to deduce how to reproduce it via the lost wax casting method. Named after the German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius (1790-1868), the mobius represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end or one of infinite length. As such, it became accepted as a symbol for infinity. The single mobius necklace moves on the chain when worn, changing its appearance continually, while the message remains constant. The engraved message repeats around the plane into infinity.

    Laurel Elliott expresses the phases and stories of her life through her inspired jewelry. In Laurel’s own words: “What we wear is also a reflection of who we are and where we’ve been. Donning a piece of inscribed jewelry is both a reminder and an affirmation. From a prayer that has offered us comfort in troubled times, to a quotation that has inspired us to aspire to more than we are, or a song that reminds us of the beauty of life, wearing the written word expresses and affirms our individuality, our own art.” The Laurel Elliott collection has emerged from these insights.


    ABOUT LAUREL ELLIOTT dvb new york

    Working from from her SoHo studio located in Manhattan, NY, Laurel Elliott and her team of designers create collections of inscribed jewelry in sterling silver, gold and platinum. Their focus is on creating beautiful shapes in precious materials engraved with words that convey a story, an inspiration, or a thought, giving each piece a special and individual significance. This is inspirational and romantic jewelry to not only delight the eye, but also to lift the spirit. The phrases contain secret messages, codes and symbols, and cover the world’s major faiths and cultures. All of their collections are hand made with care and pride by craftspeople in New York City.

    We are honored to partner with Laurel Elliott, and to offer our members a few inspired pieces of Ms. Elliott’s work especially curated for Nexus Prayer International.Save

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