Kaffeeklatsch at Vintage Park
Interested in learning more about Nexus Prayer, have some questions about contemplative prayer, or simply prefer to meet outside the church in a less formal setting for a chat? Great!  What better way to learn about prayer than over a cup of cappuccino?

I invite you to join me at the Vintage’s top-rated Starbucks for coffee and convo. The Vintage is conveniently located near Hwy 249 and Louetta Road in Houston, Texas, and features an Italian-inspired Piazza, a series of fountains, and beautiful landscaping everywhere. I’m only a phone call away.

Lanier Theological Library
At least once a week you can find me researching and writing at the beautiful campus of the Lanier Theological Library or praying in The Stone Chapel.  Located in northwest Houston, the library and chapel are open to the public Monday-Friday (9-5) and Tuesday (9-9).  Although strict silence is observed within the buildings (my kind of place), there are many benches and arbors on the grounds perfect for a brown bag lunch and conversation.  We can even share a brief nexus prayer together in The Stone Chapel. Come join me!

Nexus Prayer Hermitage
Coming soon (Fall, 2018), you are welcome to join me for conversation and prayer at my very own humble hermitage that is currently being remodeled and prepared as a sacred space. Stay tuned!