Hermitage Library of Saint Francis | The Poverello Lending Library

The hermitage Library of Saint Francis was launched July 12, 2018 with a gift of four books on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi from my good friend, Fr. Randall Trego. Since that short time, more than fifty books about the Poverello (the little poor man) have been added, with new volumes on St. Francis arriving every month.

All of the books in the Hermitage Library of Saint Francis and The Poverello Lending Library are written exclusively about Saint Francis of Assisi, the San Damiano Cross, or Franciscan spirituality and include biographies, non-fiction, and fictional works. These hardback, paperback, or occasional leather-bound books may be new, used, or even ex-library, but all are clean with no markings, notes, or underlining. Some are First Editions and many are out-of-print. All are in very good or new condition.

The following links should provide you with answers to most of your questions about the library. Still have questions? Feel free to contact me anytime.