Although it is perfectly fine to simply sit – to “be” – with God using nexus prayer in serene silence, I strongly gently recommend you use a prayer timer.

Of course, you can use the built-in alarms on your watch, phone, or even your microwave, but those options will only permit you to set the start and end times, not the intervals associated with the Five Steps of nexus prayer. Plus, the beeps and buzzers associated with those devices do not make for a very prayerful or peaceful experience, to say the least.

Instead, I think you’ll benefit from, and enjoy nexus prayer more, by downloading and using Meditation Timer Pro for iPhone from the App Store. The free version (with the annoying ads) works perfectly fine, but for for less than two bucks you can download and customize the timer without any commercial advertisements. (Do it! You can thank me later.)

I’ve used Meditation Timer Pro with virtually no problems at all since I first launched Nexus Prayer in 2015 (they update the software and fix any reported bugs routinely), so I highly recommend it. Features include the ability to program and save custom time intervals of any duration, maintain all statistics automatically, manually add prayer logs, and to select from many peaceful screen images and sounds for your personal taste and preferences. I also find it especially useful “on the go” so that I can do a nexus prayer anytime and anyplace (as long as I don’t forget to take my iPhone with me.)

Another prayer timer app I can recommend for iPhone is Meditation Timer & Log by TeleSoftas. Free, and available for both iPhone and Android devices, I use it quite often. Although not as powerful as Meditation Timer Pro, I love the simple design, cheerful interface, and special features that even includes background music tracks should you choose to use them while praying.

Finally, if you prefer to use a mechanical or digital timer, there are several that have gotten my attention online recently, including the Enso Pearl Meditation Timer, the Invisible Clock, and the Zen Timepiece, but please know that I am simply showing you some other timer options that are available to you, not trying to sell you something.²

Back to Meditation Timer Pro, as you know from elsewhere on this site, I suggest that beginners new to nexus prayer limit their prayer time to 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute intervals several times a day. Meditation Timer Pro for iPhone comes with four default settings when you download it (including backgrounds and sounds), but I recommend that you delete them and start from scratch using the links below to the various pre-sets for nexus prayer (more coming soon!) Meanwhile, feel free to contact me anytime with any questions that you may have.

Nexus Prayer Settings for Meditation Timer Pro for iPhone:

1 Photo: Nexus Prayer iPhone Timer | © 2017 Nexus Prayer International.

2 Timer Options: I have not personally used these timers, nor am I recommending or endorsing either the specific product or the companies that offer them for sale. I do not receive any favors, commissions, or payments of any kind from these retailers and organizations. I offer them here strictly as a resource. Should you opt for one, please let me know how pleased (or not) you are with the timer of your choice.Save