NOTE: You may jump to the 9/11 Memorial settings section at the bottom of this page if you have previously read this timer introduction. It is repeated here for those who may not have previously seen this introductory information. Thank you!

In Proverbs 15:8 and other places in Scripture we learn that it delights God when we set aside time from our busy lives to just “be” with him in prayer.

Although that is true, He really could care less precisely how long we pray. He’s not keeping score up in heaven, nor is He adding up the minutes here on earth. What does matter to God is that we are willing to spend any amount of time – whether five minutes or sixty minutes – in quality, one-on-one, personal, uninterrupted prayer time – and He’s pleased even more when that time is spent just communing – listening for God’s still small voice. I Kings 19:11-13 For those reasons I am reluctant to even mention the benefits of using a prayer timer when practicing nexus prayer. But recommending one I am nonetheless…

Of course, if you prefer to not be bothered with a timer at all, choosing instead to just sit unencumbered with God in sacred silence, you’ll get no argument from me. I often do just that myself, but if you are like most of us, a timer helps add some structure, discipline, and a routine that, in the long run, will help you be more successful in your prayer practice.

I’ve used Meditation Timer Pro with virtually no problems at all since I first launched Nexus Prayer in 2015; I highly recommend it. Listed below are just some of the many features that you will find useful:

  • Default meditation times that you can customize (see my 5 minute example below.)
  • Comes with customizable settings for prep time, interval time, and cool down times.
  • You may set unique sounds for each stage of nexus prayer.
  • Prayer interval sounds will “chime” once, twice, or three times based on your preferences.
  • Select from ten beautiful and inspiring background pictures.
  • The timer allows you to start, stop, restart, resume meditation, and even hide the time.
  • Save meditation logs automatically and also allows you to add logs manually.
  • Includes a powerful statistics function allowing you to monitor your progress.
  • Create unlimited reminders to remind you when it is time for nexus prayer.
  • And much, much more!


This timer setting was custom made to help observe and commemorate the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and near Shanksville, Pa  with a special nexus prayer that lasts precisely 9 minutes and 11 seconds. It was designed to accompany the Remembering 9/11 video and my Nexus Prayer 9/11 journal entry written for the occasion on September 11, 2018.

Fittingly, the preparation time for this nexus prayer lasts exactly 11 seconds, with the actual time spent in nexus prayer lasting 9 minutes, thus the equivalent of 9/11. The six chimes used for this special setting echo the six moments of silence used each year at the 9/11 Memorial Service – marked with the chime of bells the times at which the twin towers were struck, when they fell, and the moment of impact at the Pentagon and the crash of Flight 93.

Of course, the annual anniversary and memorial service for the victims of 9/11 occurs only once a year, but I encourage you to use this special nexus prayer setting anytime you feel led to remember and pray for those who died, the thousands who were injured, the family members who lost a loved one, the survivors, and the first responders of 9/11.

As you know from elsewhere on this site, the recommended interval for newcomers to nexus prayer is five minutes, but there are also 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, and more minute settings.

Once you’ve downloaded the Meditation Timer Pro App to your iPhone, find your settings page (opens automatically by default when you open the app) and press the “+” sign. Note: Meditation Timer Pro comes with four default meditation time settings. I recommend that you delete them and start from scratch using the Nexus Prayer Timer Settings.

Using my personal iPhone settings for this special 9/11 nexus prayer (9 minutes and 11 seconds) as a guide (see photo, right), just create the settings in order from top to bottom. Don’t forget to name and save your settings before you exit. Note: Regarding “chime” settings, you can select the sounds that you prefer (I use “bell”), but pay special attention to the number of chimes you select. Use x1 for the “start chime”, x1 for the “interval chime”,  and x1 for the “end alert.”

Once your settings are saved you are ready for nexus prayer. Use your timer anywhere and anytime you feel led to pray, but I suggest beginning with three (5 minute) sessions each day (morning, noon-ish, and night. Psalm 55:17 ) until your prayer practice is well established and you feel comfortable with your routine. When ready, you can add 10, 15, 20, 30, and even 60 minute prayer intervals. In a future post I’ll publish those specific settings to make your setup easier, but until then feel free to contact me anytime with any questions that you may have.

Learn additional information about Meditation Timer Pro, as well other mechanical timers for your consideration here.

Ready for your first nexus prayer? It can be prayed in as little as five minutes a day and The Steps are easy to learn. Now, “Be still…”

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