Phillips Chapel illustration commissioned for Nexus Prayer | Copyright © 2017 Rev. Allen Aaron White | Nexus Prayer InternationalSACRED SPACES

There is no wrong time, wrong reason, or wrong place to pray. Indeed, we are encouraged by the Apostle Paul to pray without ceasing for everything, everyone, and everywhere I Thessalonians 5:17,  I Timothy 2:1-8. I strive for this in my daily prayer practice. In a very real way then any place, every place, can be considered a sacred space since anywhere God is present (which is everywhere) is holy ground.

However, if you are like me, sometimes you just need to “get away from it all,” to be still and alone with God Psalm 46:10. For example, even though Jesus was “always about his Father’s business” Luke 2:49 He frequently removed himself from the people, problems, and public places of his daily life and ministry to pray in a secluded place Mark 1:35. Is there a lesson from Jesus’ example for us today? I think so.

Original "Church Lamp" photo by Joel Peel | Modified and used with permission via Unsplash | Nexus Prayer InternationalLOCATIONS
A work in progress, this page is dedicated to introducing local, state, national, and even international sacred spaces, also known as  hierotopies, that are open and available for public, and sometimes private prayer. These include outdoor locations, chapels, churches, and even cathedrals.  Some are rustic, others ornate, but all are beautiful in their own unique way.

Below you will find the name, physical address, website with links (when available), and a general overview of my ever-growing list of sacred spaces. If I have visited and prayed at a specific location personally, it will be indicated along with my personal comments and recommendation. Perhaps you have a favorite place for prayer to recommend? If so, I encourage you to share it with me and our international prayer community.

Just for fun… there are two important clues for learning to be still with (listening to) God through nexus prayer that are embedded in the illustration of Phillips Chapel. Can you find them? Locate them both, let me know, and I’ll send you a free gift³ from Nexus Prayer International.

Finally, I invite you to learn more about sacred spaces through this excellent interview on the subject with author, art critic, and philanthropist Roberta Green Ahmanson.


  • Canterbury Chapel | Saint Dunstan’s Episcopal Church
    14301 Stuebner Airline • Houston, Texas 77069 | (281) 440-1600

    Given the opportunity to pray in the 800 year old Trinity Chapel of England’s Canterbury Cathedral, you would no doubt take me up on the offer. (You can actually do that you know?) But if you live in the Greater Houston area, you need only trek to the Canterbury Chapel located within Saint Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. Read more …


  • Villa Chapel | Villa de Matel | Ruah Sprirituality Center
    6510 Lawndale St. • Houston, TX 77023 | (713) 928-6053

    Located near the heart of downtown Houston, the circa 1920s Villa de Matel Chapel (Villa Chapel) is closer to a Gothic cathedral than a small church building designed for prayer. Yet, despite the breadth of its size and the depth of its beauty, I’ve been blessed to spend many an hour there in both community and solitary contemplative prayer. Read more …



  • Phillips Chapel | 1906 Bailey Avenue | Chattanooga, TN 37404
    Built in 1922, Phillips Chapel was the first permanent church building of Highland Park Baptist Church on the campus of Tennessee Temple University. No longer open to the public. Read about its history from my personal journal entry: Sacred Spaces: Chapels


  • Schwarzsee Chapel | Zermatt, Switzerland
    I’d be remiss if I did not mention at least one of my favorite “outdoor” chapels in Switzerland, Scwarzsee (Black Lake) Chapel. Although this chapel is technically named “Maria zum Schnee” (Our Lady of the Snows), this small, austere chapel known as a place of spiritual pilgrimage is located below the Matterhorn next to the mountain ridge (8,474 ft.) and the Schwarzsee cable car station. Read More …



1 Photo Credit: Phillips Chapel illustration commissioned for Nexus Prayer International from artist, Mary R. Delamy. Copyright © 2017 Rev. Allen Aaron White | Nexus Prayer International | Many thanks to Piedmont International University for their kind permission to use their line drawing of Tennessee Temple University’s Phillips Chapel as a reference source that, along with actual photographs of Phillips Chapel, were used to create our illustration.

2 Photo Credit: Original “Church Lamp” photo by Joel Peel | Modified and used with permission via Unsplash | Nexus Prayer International

3 Due to the high cost of shipping packages overseas, the free gift offer is for residents of the United States only. (Sorry, but thanks for playing anyway!)