A Humble Beginning

In the Fall of 2018, and soon after being received as a candidate for formation as a friar within the Anglican Order of Saint Francis, I immediately recognized how much I still needed to learn about our Order’s namesake. And understanding that formation as a Franciscan brother is a lifelong process—first as a postulant, then novitiate, then professed, and eventually life professed, I began looking diligently for educational materials and Franciscan resources on the internet. Especially books.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to look far as my dear friend and Episcopal priest, Fr. Randall Trego, helped launch my humble Saint Francis library on October 4, 2018 (the Feast Day of Saint Francis) with a generous gift of four books on Il Poverello. Soon after, I was gifted two more books on Francis by a friend named Frances who had picked up a few tomes during her recent pilgrimage to Assisi. And so, it began. First four, then six, within a month there were a dozen, then twenty, then forty books on the shelves. Today, more than sixty books (and counting) about the world’s most beloved saint have a new spiritual home, with new volumes on all things Franciscan being added every month.

About the Books

All the books in the library are written exclusively about Saint Francis of Assisi, the San Damiano cross, or Franciscan spirituality, and include biographies, non-fiction, and fictional works. These hardback, paperback, or occasional leather-bound books may be new, used, or even ex-library, but all are clean with no markings, notes, or underlining. Some are first editions, many are out-of-print, and a few are indeed rare.

Lending Library

Private or public? Both! Now keep in mind, my humble collection of books on Saint Francis is no Lanier Theological Library.  At least not yet. Truth is, the library’s temporary home is several large bookcases currently located within my prayer closet. (Yes, I literally have a prayer closet.) But plans are being made to make these books accessible to the public in the very near future. Details are forthcoming, but until then the vast majority of books included in the library’s catalog may be accessed and borrowed via this website.

Researchers Heaven

As mentioned earlier, although my ever-growing collection of books on Saint Francis is a private library assembled primarily to assist me with both my research and writing on all things Franciscan (two books and a small publishing house are currently in the works), I also desire that these books be made available to researchers and authors needing hard-to-find and often out-of-print resources on Saint Francis. That said, I also hope that even the casual reader with both a curiosity and sincere desire to learn more about Saint Francis and Franciscan spirituality will check these books out—literally. Public use of the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library is offered as a ministry and therefore is completely *FREE of charge based on a first come, first served basis and honor system. (See below.)

Gifts and Donations

The vast majority of the books listed in the library’s catalog were purchased out of my own pocket, with a few gifted to the library by kind and generous friends. And other than the cost of shipping via the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.), use of the library is offered at no cost to anyone wishing to participate in the lending library program. However, your financial gifts, purchase of a book, or donation of gently used books on Saint Francis to the library from your own personal collection are always welcome and appreciated. To purchase or donate a book for the library as a gift, please contact me for suggested titles currently on the library’s wish list.

Getting Started

Like to borrow a book on St. Francis for up to thirty days? Live in the greater Houston area and can pick up a book personally? Live outside of Houston, TX, but would like to borrow a book by mail? Have books about Saint Francis or related to Franciscanism that you’d like to donate? Want more information? Please email me for details. Ready to checkout a book? What are you waiting for? Enjoy perusing all the titles listed in the card catalog of the Saint Francis of Assisi Research Library, choose your favorite, contact me for availability, then read, pray, learn, share, and repeat.


1 Photo Credit: © Copyright 2019 All library book photos by Allen Aaron White. | Used with permission Nexus Prayer International.