The Steps of Nexus Prayer

Whether you pray the Nexus Prayer over the span of five minutes or one hour, the method is the same.  The tabbed “steps” under “The Prayer” menu at the top of this page give more detailed instruction, but all you need to do to get started is to set aside the time to just “be” with God. (We were, after all, originally designed to be human be-ings.) So, find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and gently repeat the prayer of Psalm 46:10 in reverse order:

Let go, and let God.”

Floating Leaves by Robert Wnuk | Unsplash Public Domain | Used with Permission


Then, simply listen to God.

When we are still, we are letting go of all of our burdens, problems, worries, fears, anxiety, stress, memories, etc… We are letting go – uploading, as it were – all of our concerns to God.

And as we practice just “be-ing” with God, we are allowing God the quality, one-on-one time to “download” into our mind, heart, spirit, and soul all that HE believes we need.

To use a well-known, popular phrase, we are to: “Let go, and let God.”

Ready to begin? Go to Step 1, now.

Original Photo Credits:
Lake Bench photograph by Aaron Burden | Used and modified with permission via | Nexus Prayer International

Floating Leaves by Robert Wnuk | Used and modified with permission via Unsplash | Nexus Prayer International